Thursday, May 28, 2009

Waterboarding is Torture.

Chicago radio host Erich "Mancow" Muller and I disagree on many political aspects. There is one topic though that we see eye to eye on; the fact that waterboarding is torture. Mancow voluntarily underwent waterboarding to prove his point that it's not torture. Instead, he proved a counterpoint, lasting only about 5 seconds before concluding that the act was "absolutely torture." I don't understand how anyone could possible argue that it is not a torturous act.

Dick Cheney has been quoted saying "You've heard endlessly about waterboarding. It happened to three terrorists." He is correct in saying that only three terrorists were waterboarded; what he failed to mention is that it happened hundreds of times. I'm a strong believer in protecting our country. But what many fail to realize is that when we break the rules to suit our own needs what's stopping others from doing the same thing against us? I understand terrorists are most likely the ones who would do the same to us without second thought. Breaking the Geneva Convention and going down to the same level as terrorists doesn't make us any better.

We have the Geneva Convention in place for a reason. The Geneva Convention sets the standards for international law for humanitarian concerns. Generally it applies to prisoners of war. I hope in our future as a great nation we can move past these horrible acts and be an example for other countries.

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  1. jenna myers said...
    Ugh. This topic came up at a family gathering tonight and my republican uncle says to me, "Don't you know what water boarding is? They put a towel over your head and dribble water onto you. It sounds relaxing!", so apparently it is possible to be living in this country and still be completely in the dark on this topic.

    Oh, hi, btw. It's jooniper. I recently started my own blog, so I'll be following your updates.

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