Tuesday, July 28, 2009


Pro-Choice arguments:

1.Nearly all abortions take place in the first trimester, when a fetus cannot exist independent of the mother. As it is attached by the placenta and umbilical cord, its health is dependent on her health, and cannot be regarded as a separate entity as it cannot exist outside her womb.

2.The concept of personhood is different from the concept of human life. Human life occurs at conception, but fertilized eggs used for in vitro fertilization are also human lives and those not implanted are routinely thrown away. Is this murder, and if not, then how is abortion murder?

3.Adoption is not an alternative to abortion, because it remains the woman's choice whether or not to give her child up for adoption. Statistics show that very few women who give birth choose to give up their babies - less than 3% of white unmarried women and less than 2% of black unmarried women.

4.Abortion is a safe medical procedure. The vast majority of women - 88% - who have an abortion do so in their first trimester. Medical abortions have less than 0.5% risk of serious complications and do not affect a woman's health or future ability to become pregnant or give birth.

5.In the case of r*ape or incest, forcing a woman made pregnant by this violent act would cause further psychological harm to the victim. Often a woman is too afraid to speak up or is unaware she is pregnant, thus the morning after pill is ineffective in these situations.

6.Abortion is not used as a form of contraception. Pregnancy can occur even with responsible contraceptive use. Only 8% of women who have abortions do not use any form of birth control, and that is due more to individual carelessness than to the availability of abortion.

7.The ability of a woman to have control of her body is critical to civil rights. Take away her reproductive choice and you step onto a slippery slope. If the government can force a woman to continue a pregnancy, what about forcing a woman to use contraception or undergo sterilization?

8.Taxpayer dollars are used to enable poor women to access the same medical services as rich women, and abortion is one of these services. Funding abortion is no different from funding a war in the Mideast. For those who are opposed, the place to express outrage is in the voting booth.

9.Teenagers who become mothers have grim prospects for the future. They are much more likely to leave of school; receive inadequate prenatal care; rely on public assistance to raise a child; develop health problems; or end up divorced.

10.Like any other difficult situation, abortion creates stress. Yet the American Psychological Association found that stress was greatest prior to an abortion, and that there was no evidence of post-abortion syndrome.

Sunday, July 26, 2009

Cupcake Sunday

As an homage to Valentine's Day, today's cupcakes are vanilla with pink vanilla frosting and red sprinkles. The frosting didn't come out as I expected, but they are still yummy. I know my boyfriend will enjoy them regardless of what I think.

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

I've seen pictures of theses people before but never a video! At the end of the video that little girl can't be more than 4 years old, talk about brainwashing!

I have been on the loosing side of the health care game too many times to count. It wasn't until my most recent job that I received benefits. Needless to say I'm very happy I am covered in case of an emergency; but unfortunately those benefits are hard to afford. I pay around $100 a month for my health care, granted it's a PPO so those plans tend to be a little more on the pricey side.
With the health care reform that President Obama is trying to pass, millions of uncovered Americans will have a choice to go to government funded health care. In turn that would save the previously uninsured Americans a large amount of money that would have been wasted on expensive medical bills. With our current insurance system many Americans find it difficult to get health care due to preexisting conditions. They will also be able to turn to government funded health care. With the President's plan we will not eliminate private health care we will simply add government funded health care so Americans have a choice.
The RNC spokesperson Michael Steele has compared the Presidents plan to socialism, giving the American people a choice between private and government funded health care is far from socialism! It seems as if the Republican party doesn't care about the American people, they only seem to care about the money they will loose from the lobbyists of private insurers. The Republican party has been quoted saying "If we're able to stop Obama on this, it will be his Waterloo. It will break him". Now does that sound like a group of people that have the best interest of Americans in mind? No, it seems like the hatred for Obama is clouding the RNC's judgment. The President responded with this "Think about that. This isn't about me. This is about a health-care system that is breaking America's families, breaking America's businesses and breaking America's economy." Now that sounds like someone who's looking out for Americans!
If you would like to declare your support of the President's health care plan go to this website---> http://my.barackobama.com/page/content/organizingforhealthcare2?source=issue_page

Friday, July 3, 2009

Hopefully her plans to run for President in 2012 fall through. I've had enough of her religious nonsense in 2008/2009.